What about the Mountain Mail and El Defensor Chieftain?

This must be one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Socorro News: whether we "have it out" for the two local newspapers, El Defensor Chieftain and the Mountain Mail. While we do have our occasional differences with these papers, we most certainly do not dislike them nor do we discourage anyone from reading them. In fact, we believe that every citizen of Socorro should subscribe to BOTH of the local papers and then after reading each of them, visit our site for another (occasionally more critical) perspective.

Miners Dig a Little Deeper!

Do you ever wonder why the media covers certain stories while ignoring others? Have you ever asked yourself the question: should I be getting my information from a source which exists primarily to make a profit? Have you ever pondered what a "think tank" really is and why they are so often quoted in news stories? Do you ever read a story and say to yourself, "the reporter didn't ask any tough questions and just took everything at face value!" If you've ever pondered such questions or had such concerns, welcome aboard and let us introduce you to our business model here at Socorro News.

Seeking contributors and citizen journalists

We're just getting warmed up here at Socorro News. We're looking for some local citizens interested in helping us to establish a citizen-run, not-for-profit, fact-driven (as opposed to progaganda-prone) investigative journalism site here in Socorro. We welcome people of all political persuasions, but realize that your material will be vetted for accuracy by our staff. The pay, well there is none - but this is about citizen participation, not money. Need story ideas? We've got some; or create your own. If you're interested, drop us a line using our contact form.

Anonymous tip line now open

Here at Socorro News, we are always interested in information about government corruption, corporate corruption, fiscal irresponsibility, or any other hanky panky related to the public's trust (we're not interested in your neighbor's personal life, sorry). If you have verifiable information on any such activity happening in or around Socorro, New Mexico - including New Mexico Tech, Socorro County, or even the state of New Mexico at large, please drop us a line using our contact form. Please provide enough information that we can verify your story - or information on how we can contact you - and if you wish to remain anonymous we are always willing to protect our sources.

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