Harlan Lee

Michael Moore to post bail for Julian Assange?

Somebody forgot to tell Michael Moore that he wasn't supposed to take democracy seriously!

The thought police don't want you to read this

Big brother thinks you're not smart enough to know the truth. But now big brother and his corporate cronies think you aren't even smart enough to read an editorial from Julian Assange. We, on the other hand, trust our readers.

Socorro Electric Coop board shoots themselves in the foot

Just when you thought the SEC's board could not get any worse, its attorney, Dennis Francish, has decided that they should sue the members. Sheesh.

Who's supporting the oligarchs?

The Weekly Standard suggests that the current administration is favoring the oligarchs. Harlan Lee begs to differ.

Obama no FDR?

The Weekly Standard's conservative columnist, Fred Barnes, tells us that Obama is no FDR. Harlan Lee takes him to task.

Analysis: the Supreme Court's ruling on corporate electioneering

Do corporations have 'free speech' rights? The Supreme Court thinks so.

El Defensor Chieftain: surely you can do better!

Once again, Socorro's El Defensor Chieftain newspaper shills for the corporate agenda with press releases and spin being served up as "news" and "opinion" - Socorro can (and should) do better.

Socorro's famous UFO story a hoax?

Most folks know about Roswell's connection with extraterrestrials, but fewer know of Socorro's connection. But the more UFO-savvy may recall that Socorro was home to one of the more famous UFO sightings in history, way back in 1964. New information raises questions about the veracity of Socorro's 1964 UFO incident.

BLM proposes widespread use of herbicide in nearby mountains

There will be a public meeting Wednesday, July 22nd at 6 p.m. at the Socorro Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management to discuss the BLM's plans to use the herbicide tebuthiron on over 32,000 acres of BLM land in and around areas of the East Magdalena Mountains, Polvadera Mountain, and Sierra Ladrones.

Bad economy? Vote yourself a pay raise!

So we're in the worst economic downturn since the great depression. Businesses and governmental bodies alike are struggling to make ends meet. So what does Socorro City Council and Mayor Bhasker figure they ought to do during such trying times?

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