S.L. Harrington

Health care debate ignores The Greatest Canadian

We're hearing a lot about health care lately, but we rarely hear much about our neighbor to the north. Just how bad is it up there, anyway?!

Why light rail makes sense

New Mexico's RailRunner has come under attack from Governor Martinez. So what, exactly, is her beef with the train system?

Could talk radio really drive someone to kill?

Jared Lee Loughner's attack on Arizona Representative Gabriel Giffords has started a debate about vitriolic rhetoric in the media. But is there really any truth to the claim that vitriol on the airwaves could lead to violence?

Socorro Electric Coop board meets, backpedals

Wednesday evening's Socorro Electric Coop board meeting went forward with a public audience, for the first time ever, and after a closed executive session, the board's president expressed his desire to withdraw the lawsuit, but recognized that will probably not be possible.

It's really not that complicated

The Socorro Electric Coop annual meeting is this Saturday, April 17th. Maybe it's time we all show up and vote?

10 reasons why Socorro is a great place to live

Many folks look down their noses at us "Socorroans" when we tell them where we're from. But they don't know the half of it.

Renowned historian and social critic, Howard Zinn, dies at 87

Howard Zinn was legendary. If you have never heard of him, you owe it to yourself to discover this great American.

Group urges moving money out of "too large to fail" banks

Politicians have deemed some banks and financial institutions "too large to fail" and bailed them out with billions of taxpayer dollars. A group now urges investors to divest from "too large to fail" financial institutions.

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