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Socorro school board election results

And the winners are...

Why light rail makes sense

New Mexico's RailRunner has come under attack from Governor Martinez. So what, exactly, is her beef with the train system?

Timing of loan payback at SEC questioned

Socorro Electric Coop general manager Polo Pineda and SEC employee Kathy Torres were terminated for taking dubious loans from SEC funds. They did, however, attempt to pay back the loans. Some believe the timing of the payback was suspicious.

"Financial irregularities" at Socorro Electric Coop?

The Socorro Electric Coop's board met for a special session on Friday to discuss legal and personnel issues, after which the board released a statement about possible "financial irregularities" at the Coop. The plot thickens.

How to respond to the SEC lawsuit

You are being sued by your own electric cooperative. Here's how to respond.

Socorro Electric Coop board meets, backpedals

Wednesday evening's Socorro Electric Coop board meeting went forward with a public audience, for the first time ever, and after a closed executive session, the board's president expressed his desire to withdraw the lawsuit, but recognized that will probably not be possible.

So we are being sued

The Socorro Electric Coop's board is suing its customers. We have just a few weeks to respond to the lawsuit or lose by default. What now?

Socorro Electric Coop board shoots themselves in the foot

Just when you thought the SEC's board could not get any worse, its attorney, Dennis Francish, has decided that they should sue the members. Sheesh.

It's really not that complicated

The Socorro Electric Coop annual meeting is this Saturday, April 17th. Maybe it's time we all show up and vote?

Residents petition schools regarding military recruiting

Local residents recently delivered a petition with over seventy signatures to the Socorro school district, complaining that military recruiting in the schools is not balanced with alternate viewpoints, and that students' ability to opt-out from military "junk" mailing lists is not being managed properly.

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