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Restaurant Review: Manzanares Street Coffee House

We don't need no stinkin' Starbucks!

Restaurant Review: Evett's Cafe and Fountain in Magdalena, NM

Got a hankerin' for some good old fashioned ice cream? Welcome to Evett's Cafe in Magdalena, New Mexico! Just be careful to avoid the world's worst waitress.

Restaurant Review: Stage Door Grill; Socorro, NM

This month's Socorro restaurant review features the Stage Door Grill located in the historic Abeyta building off of the plaza in Socorro, New Mexico.


Socorro will soon have one less restaurant for high falutin' restaurant reviewers to kick around. Kentucky Fried Chicken, on the corner of California and Bullock Streets, will soon close its doors.

Restaurant Review: Acosta's in San Antonio, New Mexico

With gas prices nearing $4.00 per gallon not to mention global warming concerns, we can't in good faith recommend driving from Socorro to San Antonio just to dine out. However, if you happen to be in that neck of the woods for other reasons - going to the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Reservation, for instance - we've got just the spot for you to enjoy a tasty little treat: Acosta's Restaurant (at Acosta's Bed and Breakfast) in San Antonio, New Mexico.

Restaurant Review: Sofia's Kitchen (the artist formerly known as Burrito Time)

This month's Socorro area restaurant review features Sofia's Kitchen, located on Bullock close to California Street. Sofia's Kitchen is also known to some by its former name, Burrito Time. Regardless of what you call it, there's one thing that you can be sure of when you dine there: reasonable prices, decent food, and friendly service.

Restaurant Review: The Owl - San Antonio, New Mexico

This month's restaurant review features The Owl bar and grill in San Antonio, New Mexico, just a few miles south of Socorro. This restaurant's claim to fame is having been around long enough to have served its cuisine to the scientists working on the Manhattan Project developing the atomic bomb during World War II. While Socorro News is not too keen on nuclear weapons, we can still find reason to recommend the Owl.

Restaurant Review: La Pasadita

This month's Socorro restaurant review features a favorite known only to locals, La Pasadita. Located at 230 Garfield Street, on a somewhat obscure one-way street behind the plaza, it seems to violate the 3 tenets of good business: location, location, location. However, when it comes to good home-cooked New Mexican cuisine, there is one thing that trumps location and that is TASTE!

Restaurant Review: Socorro Springs Brewing Company

This month's restaurant review features Socorro Springs Brewing Company, located on the main drag (California Street) in Socorro, New Mexico. Socorro Springs is not new to town, having previously been located in the historic Abeyta building on the plaza. As Socorro residents are sure to have already noticed, Socorro Springs is sporting a new and very large - some might say obnoxious - sign out front. The question, for many readers, would be whether their new sign, which almost suggests fast food, would find them compromising food quality.

Restaurant Review: Heart Healthy Sandwiches

This month's restaurant review features Heart Healthy Sandwiches, on California Street near Smiths in the location formerly housing Subway Sandwiches. After the untimely demise of Subway, followed shortly thereafter by Sammy's Deli, Socorro was in dire need of a sandwich shop. You know, somewhere that you could get something other than enchiladas, refried beans, or a greasy burger smothered in red or green. Thankfully, Heart Healthy Sandwiches stepped in to fill those shoes.

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