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socorro city humane society

My name is Lisa Tremback. We bought a beautiful little kitten 10 days ago from the Socorro City Humane Soc. He is dead now. He had FIV and possibly, we are still waiting on the results, FIP. We went to Albuquerque and had the kitten tested as we have other cats, the kitten showed up negative and so we were happy that we could bring him all the the way home to Westminster, CO. Within the week, he seemed to be laboring when he was breathing. He died last night, 6/27/11. We now have to wait for 2 months to see if our other beloved cats are ill with these diseases.

The first thing our vet asked was "Did this cat come from NM?" She said that FIP is rampant down there. We were never told any of these things at the shelter nor at Banfield Animal Hosp. in Albuquerque. Now we live with the nightmare that we might lose all of our beloved animals due to the Socorro City Humane Soc.

Their response was that we have a clause in our contract that says that we do not know whether or not these animals are healthy or not. So all of their cats might be FIV positive, a deadly, contagious disease and so might they be FIP positive, another deadly disease. Since the city has chosen to open an animal shelter with no funds to test their cats, the whole Western region of the US is now at risk of spreading these diseases throughout the region. I know that sounds drastic, but it only takes one cat to keep spreading these diseases throughout an entire area and only one more cat to keep spreading it throughout the West. They are still selling these kittens and cats to people who are unaware that these diseases might kill their other cats, with no regard, to telling people that they have these diseases in their population.

When does money make a huge difference? When it is budgeted to keep a population healthy and risk free. Socorro seems to have no desire or even a conscience as to what they are doing to the cats in the Western US area. The NM area is having an epidemic apparently and no one wants to take action.