Michael Moore to post bail for Julian Assange?

When in trouble, create a diversion?

Well, well, well, the power brokers of the world are squealing like pigs being denied their slop. They're invoking scary words like "espionage", "traitor", and "criminal" to describe Wikileaks and its founder, the soft-spoken Australian Julian Assange. They're trying everything they can to get the public to focus on Assange, or peripheral issues, instead of what's actually in the documents. Because they know that if the public ever realizes that we are being routinely lied to, not just on trivial matters like what color of hair Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi prefers in his concubines, but on matters of deathly seriousness, such as war, violation of international treaties, and bailouts of rich folks at taxpayer expense, that the public might be rightly outraged and call for some criminal investigations of elected and appointed officials. There's an old trick they teach in dodgeball - when you're in real trouble, try to create a diversion. Our political leaders seem to have learned it well.

Enter Michael Moore

Enter Michael Moore. No stranger to controversy, Michael Moore takes his role of "citizen" quite seriously. He also takes democracy quite seriously. So, he's decided to help Julian Assange post bail. I can't do justice to Moore's reasoning second-hand; you should really read it from the horse's mouth. So, without further ado, we link to Michael Moore's editorial in the Huffington Post. Again, read it at your own risk, because it might actually cause you to pause and think for yourself, rather than being spoonfed by the government or mass media. God forbid!