Socorro electric coop court case: Members: 1, Trustees: 0

Editor's note: in our haste to get information out to the public, we recently re-posted an article by "The Informed Cynic" which was not properly attributed (giving readers the false impression that Harlan Lee was trying to take credit for authorship, which was not his intention). Harlan did not pen the summary - see links, below.

The Socorro Electric Coop court case, in which the SEC Trustees (or at least the old guard on the board) challenged several of the member-sponsored resolutions related to corporate governance and transparency, was decided this week in favor of the members! There are two excellent write-ups on this, one in the Chieftain by T.S. Last, and another by The Informed Cynic. Both of these articles do such a good job of summarizing the issues and outcome of the case, that we will simply link to them here:

Chieftain article
Informed Cynic site

Score one for democracy!