Pilates is Growing and Finding Classes and Resources is Easier than Ever

The Ever Increasing Popularity of Pilates

Technically, Pilates has been around since the early 1900’s when it was first created by Joseph Pilates while he was held in a German internment camp.  However, it really hasn’t achieved real popularity until this last decade or two.  Now, Pilates is growing at a rapid rate, or at least appears to be doing so thanks in large part to the testimonies of the athletes, actors and actresses, dancers, and all everyday folks who practice the routine.

Despite Pilates growing popularity, there are still some folks who may not know what Pilates is, how it can help them, or even where they can go to find a Pilates class.  The great news is that there is now a resource available for folks looking for this information.

Pilatespal.com, is an online resource designed to provide everything that a Pilates enthusiast is looking for related to Contrology, (the original name for Pilates), right at their fingertips.  And all of it can happen with the click of a button.

For some, you may be asking, “When you say everything, what exactly does that mean?”  Well, let me explain.  The Pilates method is a particular niche in the health and wellness industry.  Many folks probably primarily associate the system with exercise and weight loss, but it covers so much more than that.  We will explain below.

First Pilates, known as a mind body exercise, is a way of moving and working not only the body but the mind as well with six principles as a foundation.  The routine proceeds from one move to another in a particular manner as part of the flow principle to work each muscle in a logical and effective way to fully develop them and maximize their ability to work the most efficiently for the body.  The focus is given to having the mind connect with the body as part of those moves which is part of the concentration principle of the work.  Thinking about the moves ensures that right muscles are being used in the proper way in the process of the movement.  Breath work is another principle of Pilates also included in the moves to oxygenate the lungs and have that oxygen do its job flowing in the blood throughout the body.  Other principles within the work include precision, control, and centering which add to the work making it a complete workout for the entire body and mind.

As mentioned earlier, Pilates is thought of like a workout to help with weight loss.  And while it can assist with that effort, incorporating this routine into your exercise regimen can do so much more for you.  In addition to losing weight, Pilates can help improve posture, reduce back pain as well as other aches and pains, increase strength, develop better balance and coordination, and has been found to be a valuable tool in physical rehabilitation.  It is for these reasons that many athletes have begun their journey with Pilates.  From golfers to football players, dancers, rugby players, tennis pros, baseball professionals, Olympians and more, these elite athletes have found a place for Contrology in their life.

In addition to these, actors and actresses have added Pilates into their lives because they have seen physical benefits from the work.  But they have also experienced the mental benefits that a workout like Pilates can offer as well by taking their mind away from the stress and craziness of the day.  This mode of exercise can be considered by some as soothing because of that benefit.
So that covers just a small amount of information regarding what the Pilates method offers a practitioner.  Now, let’s cover all of the associated services connected with it and how Pilatespal can help a fan to get the information or access Pilates service providers.

Let’s begin first with the mind behind Pilatespal.com, Inc.  Heather Brummett is a doctor of physical therapy, certified Polestar Pilates instructor and educator, and owner of Balanced Physical Therapy, Pilates, and Wellness Center.  She is located in Arizona, with her business precisely situated in Glendale, Az.  She offers Pilates classes and uses the method as part of the physical rehabilitation of her patients.  Obviously, she has a passion for Pilates and a belief in the benefits it offers to a person.  What she found in her work is that her clients would ask her where they can go to get in a Pilates class while they were traveling to a certain location.  She also found that there was no one place to find everything that a Pilates enthusiast was looking for when it came to the work.  Hearing and knowing these things, she had in her subconscious the thought of the problem that existed.  Then one night in a dream, the whole concept of Pilatespal.com came to her.

So what exactly is Pilates Pal?

Well, the Pilatespal website is as stated before, designed to be the ultimate online resource where you can go for all of your Pilates needs.  The site allows you to find Pilates classes, instructors, studios, DVDs and videos, books and magazines, equipment/machines and accessories, clothing and apparel, music, art, online classes and exercises, instructor training both on-site and online, workshops, retreats and conferences, local community events, used equipment and machines, job opportunities, research, speakers, marketing, media and web design, Pilates organizations, scholarships, and equipment maintenance and repair services.  As you can see, this list itself is very comprehensive.
Having said that, Pilatespal.com has sub-categories within these categories of listings to help you drill down either further in a search effort.  As an example, if you are looking for a particular type of class such as one for beginners, you can do perform a search under that specific category.  Or as an example, if the specific equipment you or looking for is a Pilates barrel or spine corrector, you can search specifically under that category as well.

Pilates Daily News

That isn’t all that this resource offers. There is the Pilates Daily News where current events in the industry are shared.  Plus a research library is in the works for both enthusiasts, practitioners, and instructors.

We can forget to mention the Facebook – Pilatespal.com page either where as a fan you are sure to find continuous Pilates related postings from fun, to informational, and even controversial postings just to share what information about the method and some other health-related items is being shared on the web.  There is a Pilatespal YouTube video to share more about the site and its offerings as well.

Pilates Service Provider Reviews

When searching for a service online, you typically check for reviews, right?  Well, the Pilates Pal site has those available.  Not only can you read them, but as a member of the site, you can write them as well.  Also, members of the site can blog and write articles.

This web page resource was created to build the Pilates family and connect the community.  It’s a place where anyone, no matter whether you’re a beginner or master trainer, Pilates enthusiast or instructor to come and find something helpful and valuable in their work and practice of Pilates.

If you’re looking for something related to Pilates, Pilatespal.com is an online place you should check out!

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